CARNUNTUM – Reborn City of the Emperors

After the establishment of the roman military fortress, originally built from wood and earth, the fortifications were upgraded to stone in the Claudian period around 100 AD. In the following decades, the city experienced an economic boom as well as being the focus of turbulent events.

During the Marcomannic wars Emperor Marcus Aurelius spent several years in Carnuntum. In the year of the civil war, 192 AD, the provincial governor Septimius Severus was proclaimed emperor by his troops. A golden age for the city and province followed.

Based on the research results it was now possible to attempt a complete reconstruction of Carnuntum. An animated film takes you back into the fascinating world of antique Carnuntum. Also included on this DVD: Carnunum interactive. This application allows you to discover Carnuntum on your PC. Stroll through the forum, fight as a gladiator in the arena or test your skills as a charioteer.


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